Interview with Glen Depke

Founder of the Depke Wellness Center

Newport Beach, California

Glen is a Naturopath having been led to that route because of seizures he began having in his younger years. Traditional medicine could not find a cause for the seizures so he sought non-invasive ways to heal the body which led him to his current practice of Naturopathy.

His focus is on helping the body find its balance so it can function properly and age gracefully.

Glen has a fascinating take on aging that goes against what is culturally acceptable.

Currently society perceives aging as a natural degenerative experience where in our 20’s we are healthy and vibrant. In our 30’s, we start to get a little fatigued. In our 40’s we get some sort of medical condition. We see deeper chronic health issues in our 50’s and in our 60’s we see a significant deeper diagnosis of the disease state. As we continue to age, we see a level of disrepair and imbalance and then we die. This is what we perceive as the natural aging process and most people experience that.

Watching people age is like watching sick people get old. As you get sick and you age, you will see what we perceive as the aging process.

However, Glen teaches us that we have the power to change our metabolic age, if we do things right and keep our bodies in balance.

Natural aging is a slow steady decline. Ideally, we maintain our vibrancy, our energy, and our health throughout our life and only when we are very close to the end of life do we see a steep decline.

Unfortunately, we don’t experience that as a culture in general. We see a degrading representation of life, but what kind of life is that if you can’t move around and enjoy your later years just as much if not more that your earlier years.

We want to be able to age gracefully and enjoy our entire life up until the end.

Aging graceful is process that involves keeping the holistic aspect of who you are in balance; body, mind and spirit.

Aging gracefully is a discovery; it’s about taking care of the fundamentals-


Fundamentals of health

Deep breathing

Maintaining proper hydration

Feeding ourselves properly

Getting plenty of rest

Moving our body

Moving our bowels

Moving our vertebrae

Getting out in sun

Taking care of our mental and emotional state

This is the action guide for the fundamentals of health.

If you can’t do the simple things, you can’t expect the bigger things to make a difference.

Going a step further after the fundamentals are taken care of, Glen helps people find and fix other areas such as hormonal balance, adrenal balance, inflammatory issues, and any needs for detoxification. He looks for imbalances in these areas. Although it’s an individualized journey, it’s a path everyone can go down.

The link between gut health and aging.

When we think of the brain, there are millions of neurons that are responsible for maintaining the health of body. Neurons communicate with each other to keep the body functioning but as we go through life, neurons die.

We used to think neurons don’t regenerate, yet new research proves that they do.

When a neuron dies, the communication gets cut off and that’s the aging process. When you take away a small piece of communication, things start breaking down and the body doesn’t function optimally.

If you keep your brain healthy, when a neuron dies, dendrites create new connections to keep the communication working and reconnecting that initially lost connection.

What we eat is linked to brain health and functionality.

Survey on aging:

Glen surveyed women between the ages of 45 and 55, and asked them what they are most afraid of regarding the aging process. Surprisingly, their biggest concern was developing some degenerative disease where they would lose brain health like Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Their biggest fear was not being a functioning human being.

To Glen, this is more than his business, this is a personal.He is an absolute wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience.

His advice to walk this path to reverse aging include:

-take care of the simple things

-deep breathing consistently

-drink enough water, most people are dehydrated

-eat anti-inflammatory foods, most people eat foods that inflame the body

-regular daily activity

-proper bowel movements, at least 2 healthy bowel movements per day, if you are constipated, assume your brain is degenerating, if you feed an infant, it poops after being fed

-quality chiropractic care

-get out in the sun getting a healthy level of daily sun exposure

-taking care of your emotional and mental health, most people are walking stress balls, holding onto emotional trauma speeds aging process

Start taking care of the simple things and then discover other areas you can look at to increase the metabolic age for yourself. To reach the anti-aging effect, you must first build the foundation and then the build other healthy habits on top of a strong, solid foundation.

His book, Fat, Frustrated and Fatigued, is the essential beginning of the path. If you would like to ask more questions or receive a consultation, you may contact Glen Depke at Depke Wellness Center directly.

When he works with new clients, he first sees where they are at with the fundamentals, he discovers what the body tells you about your health and looks for ways to reverse the aging process, get optimal health and vitality and restore the body to full balance.

His life story is“Do what you love right now” which he seems to be doing. He says he doesn’t work a day in his life and loves helping people and seeing positive change.

Glen Depke is a Traditional Naturopath whose expertise lies in the areas of adrenal function, natural hormone balancing, the gut/brain connection, immune regulation and chronic inflammatory states. He is thefounder of Depke Wellness.

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