Sometimes working with clients can create a temporary drain… but if this is not handled, the drain can become pervasive. Most healers, coaches, and practitioners tend to pick up their clients’ problems and issues which can affect the practitioner negatively.

Here, we’re going to blow out some common myths that people hold about energy. The truth is you have 100% control over your energy, and whether or not you practice that control, you are ultimately responsible for it and its effects on you and everyone around you.

Everything is energy. We are constantly sending and receiving energy every day and sometimes we make that more important than our own free will and consciousness.

When I talk about energy, I am talking about information, the thoughts, feelings and emotions around you. Energy affects you. It affects how you access your truth, it affects how you access your answers and the decisions you make in life. It affects how you feel, what you can manifest and it affects your physical body.

Energy is neither good nor bad, it’s just either yours or its not yours. And if its not yours, it’s not your unique brand of energy, your essence, you have a difficult time accessing your brilliance and all of your power.

There are 3 Myths about Energy & Working with Clients

  • Being in Love and Light is enough to protect my energy

People believe, working in love and light is enough, but that’s not true. In fact, as a healer or practitioner, you become more sensitive and will pick up more energy than most others. 

  • I have to be enlightened, perfect or have it all together before working with clients

I believe we are all designed for evolution, we are all designed to grow, to become better lighter, brighter versions of ourselves. All experiences, all interactions are designed for that very purpose. We are here for the full human experience and that means interacting with people from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and vibrations. With each interaction, we have opportunities to grow so each person that is in front of us is actually the best person for us to work with at that time.

  • I have to surround myself only with good energy

There is no good or bad energy, there is only energy that is yours or is not yours and energy that is not yours does not work for you.

5 Steps You Must Take as a Coach, Healer or Practitioner

  1. Take care of the body

Our natural protective layer, our aura, can be weakened by poor health, important to maintain robust strong physical body, eat healthy, refrain from drugs and alcohol, exercise, rest, release emotional traumas. If our energetic field is weak, we become more susceptible to draining energy.

  1. Manage your Energy

Protecting your energy refers to being aware of your own vibration and field of energy; taking mindful action to keep your energy clear, balanced and high vibrating for your optimal well-being.  This helps to avoid getting drained, feeling overwhelmed, becoming anxious or manifesting physical symptoms (like pain or headaches).The main cause of picking up energies that are not yours is being ungrounded.

  1. Manage Your Space

A lot of times you will be in a situation and you start to feel influenced by someone or an event. This occurs when there is energy left in an environment so the space you used needs to be grounded.

  1. Clean Out

When healing, you need to maintain a high vibration, you need to maintain the high ground. It is important to clear and reenergize ourselves after working with clients. Working with clients or healing, creates an energetic connection, and that connection must be severed after the session is over.

  1. Continue your growth

The problem I see on this spiritual path is most people get to a point and then as a way of deflecting their own growth, they start healing others. Their focus is on other people and they gain a sense of validation from working with others and they stop looking at themselves. And unfortunately, if you stop growing, you will find that you will pick up even more energy from others and it will get overwhelming to the point where it will affect other areas of your life.

There are 3 phases of working with Clients

  • Before working with clients, you want to ground, maintain a connection so that any energy that comes up can be released rather than enter your space.
  • While working with clients, maintain your neutrality, ask for permission and remember that the client has all the answers needed for themselves to heal. Your only job is to clear the clutter that keeps them from accessing their own truth.
  • After the healing, clear their energy from your space as well as your energy from their space. Cut cords and clear karma and work on any matches you have with your client so you can also take your own healing and spiritual steps to evolve.

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