Remember Your Humanity

Remember Your Humanity   Hi this is Tracy Ibrahim from life mastery solution and I just got home from delivering a commencement speech at a college and I was surprised in myself that I brought up something that was pretty personal and what I challenged these...

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The power of planning your week

It's Sunday evening and I'm getting ready to plan out my week and I wanted to share with you my process for doing that.  On Sundays, I always spend time planning out the rest of my week and there's a few steps that I go through I would love to share with you and...

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Why working on yourself doesn’t work

Hi, this is Trez Ibrahim from Life Master Solution, welcome! And I want to share with you some ideas on how to live an inspired life. And number one, I'm going to ask you to stop working on yourself. Working on yourself doesn't work. When people start working on...

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Why you must embrace Failure

"Why you must embrace Failure" Failure can save your life!! You must fail in order to succeed. When you are preparing to climb Mount Everest, you must accomplish smaller climbs along the way. Each climb must be increasingly more difficult. You will not always succeed...

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Harnessing the Power of Meditation

If you want to create more success, meditation is not a nice to do, but a must do. You must get quiet in order to get back in the driver’s seat of your life. The mind controls body, but it’s the breath that controls the mind. Martin Luther King was said to have...

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The 4 Brain Chemicals Responsible for Success

I wanted to share with you today the four brain chemicals that are essential in reaching all of your goals and all of your dreams. And how each step of the way is super important to give you that boost in what you wanna create in your life. Now we've all heard of the...

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