Book Club Questions for the Modern Woman:

Discover Your Inner Sweet, Sexy, Badass Queen

These questions aim to spark meaningful conversations and deep reflections on the content of “The Modern Woman: Discover Your Inner Sweet, Sexy, Badass Queen” and its exploration of feminine archetypes. Enjoy your book club discussions!


How do you relate to the idea of feminine archetypes? Which archetype resonates with you the most, and why?


Can you identify times in your life when you felt out of balance or disconnected from one or more of the feminine archetypes? How did it impact your well-being?


What societal or cultural factors do you believe contribute to the suppression or distortion of the feminine archetypes in women’s lives?


Reflect on a time when you fully embodied your sweet, sexy, badass queen. What were the circumstances, and how did it make you feel?


In what ways do the feminine archetypes intersect with concepts of self-care, self-love, and self-worth? How can embracing these archetypes enhance your relationship with yourself?


Share an example of a woman in your life or a public figure who embodies the qualities of the sweet, sexy, badass queen. What can we learn from her?


How do you think society’s perception of femininity has evolved over time? In what ways can the integration of the feminine archetypes contribute to a more empowered and inclusive understanding of femininity?


How do the feminine archetypes relate to the concept of balance in life? How can embracing these archetypes help women find equilibrium in different areas of their lives?


Discuss the challenges that women may face when embracing their full range of feminine power. How can these challenges be overcome?


How does the integration of the feminine archetypes impact relationships, both romantic and platonic? Can you think of examples from your own experiences?


What role does self-expression play in embodying the sweet, sexy, badass queen? How can women tap into their unique forms of self-expression?


How can the exploration of the feminine archetypes enhance women’s confidence, assertiveness, and leadership abilities?


Discuss the concept of sisterhood and the importance of supporting and empowering other women on their journey of self-discovery and growth.


Explore the notion of personal transformation through embracing the feminine archetypes. How can this transformation ripple out and positively impact the world around us?


Share moments when societal expectations or norms have stifled your ability to fully express your sweet, sexy, badass queen. How did you navigate those situations, and what did you learn from them?


How can the integration of the feminine archetypes contribute to a more balanced and sustainable approach to success and achievement in women’s lives?


Reflect on the influence of media and popular culture on women’s perceptions of femininity. How can the embrace of the feminine archetypes help redefine beauty standards and empower women to embrace their unique qualities?


Discuss the concept of self-love and self-acceptance in relation to the journey of discovering and embracing the sweet, sexy, badass queen within. How can self-love be nurtured and strengthened through the integration of the feminine archetypes?


Share examples of women who have faced adversity and embraced their inner sweet, sexy, badass queen to overcome challenges. How can their stories inspire and empower others?


Reflect on your personal journey and growth throughout the book. What key insights or transformations have you experienced, and how do you envision integrating the teachings of the book into your life moving forward?

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