Raving Fans


Dear Trez,

When I first met you at the seminar in Santa Clara I was struck by how beautiful you are and the way that you radiated that beauty from within. I felt at peace with you immediately. Fast forward two years and I was blessed with the opportunity to work with you and I am so grateful for that. I love most the way you listen to me. When I speak I feel heard, held, safe and supported in away that I have never felt with a coach (or anyone else) before. You are very intuitive have an amazing ability to hear not only what I say but also what lies beneath my words. There is no hiding with you (something I love almost all of the time!) and I love that you help in keeping me committed to walking on the path to my highest vision. You are so caring and compassionate and also find a way to keep me accountable and moving forward always.

Every day I use the tools you have given me and when I look back on where I was when we started just a few short months ago I realize how much my life has changed. I have so much more confidence and I am clear on the steps I need to take to move in the direction of my dreams. I have a deep knowing now that I can achieve anything and I wake up each morning with a passion for life that has been missing for years. I have learnt to honour my feelings and hear and respond to my intuition. Instead of having the giant rollercoaster of emotions I feel grounded and at peace. Through your coaching and guidance I know I have the tools to move through any situation with grace. My relationships with my children and my family have deepened and with your unique perspective I have a gained a better understanding of myself and of others. I feel guided and supported and I have absolutely strengthened my connection to my higher self and to God. I am so profoundly grateful that we met and I look forward to our calls each week.

Much love


Trez; who I call the The Famous High Vibe & Manifestor Alchemist – I’m sure anyone who signs up would be lucky to be on a conference call with you.  I’m sure they would see results, further faster.  For me, my life has changed FOREVER & for the BETTER.  Your life’s work would always be cherished; admired and remembered forever.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the quote “Legends Never Die” and in my eyes you’re one of them.  A living Legend and Superstar who is truly someone special in the Universe who I can call on as my friend and my coach.

It’s an absolute pleasure working through resolving my most pressing issues and planning for the future.  Building out the necessary deliverables to execute my mission flawlessly. . . We’ve been allowing the universe to create 2020 to become the best year yet and I admit this is the BIGGEST YEAR of my life already.  To actually create a business with absolute PASSIVE income and manifest it; the feeling is INCREDIBLE. It’s been an honor and a privilege working together to create my Vision for a lifetime and for 2020, respectively.

I feel liberated knowing I have a vision I am excited about and that I can read everyday whereby I feel I am getting CLOSER TO MY DREAMS every single day… I’ve accomplished so much in such a short time working together… I feel a sense of pure motivation and inspiration in moving the needle towards my goals already around having; financial freedom, closer to living in my DREAM BEACH HOME, already having incredible relationships with my family and friends, having a great marriage and partnership for a lifetime; already having the body I’ve always wanted; and ultimately peace, love and happiness just to name a few.  I’ve learned that I can and deserve to have it ALL.

I BELIEVE others can BELIEVE in the same thing with your unique approach of opening my heart and mind to the possibilities of DREAMING BIG.  I believe with the help and guidance from Trez my BIGGEST and MOST WILDEST DREAMS will come TRUE.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart; I’ll always be forever happy and grateful for your unprecedented service in serving my FAMILY TREE, generational LEGACY, my journey in building generational WEALTH and contributing to my incredible LEGACY.

Looking forward to the next 8 months and having the BIGGEST year yet in 2020!



Musa Elmaghrabi


Singer/Songwriter, Founder PowerCo

I highly recommend Trez Ibrahim’s intuitive life coaching. I have worked in the fields of personal growth and human potential for many years, but continually seemed to hit a block when it came to my career goals. After one session with Trez, I saw speedy and dramatic results. Within 48 hours my client base and hourly rate increased by 200% (disclaimer, we cannot guarantee results nor make financial promises) ! Trez has a gift for compassionately and skillfully facilitating the shifting of thoughts and energy to help people manifest the life of your dreams.

It’s fun to see what happens when you release doubt and move forward using all of your spiritual abilities. Every time I have worked with Trez, my business has grown exponentially. There is a magical synergy created from partnering with such a dynamic, positive and uplifting dream builder. She supported and helped nurture my vision of living in an idyllic cottage on a tropical island and I am currently enjoying the results of our collaboration! I would recommend Trez’s valuable talents and information to anyone interested in creating a happy, prosperous life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your accuracy and amazing gift. I really can’t put into words what you have done for me. You are amazing and a gift to the universe.

Amy Garcia

Author of Real Steps to Enlightenment, Kauai, HI

Amazing!!! My reading with Trez was transformational and life changing. She was able to pick up blocks that I didn’t even realize were there yet were holding me back in key areas of my life. With compassion and skill, she was able to help me release those blocks forever! As a professional psychic, I understand how important energy is. What Trez can do is not only reveal and help release blocks but also create a map to show you exactly what the next step should be in order to create the future you desire.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your accuracy and amazing gift. I really can’t put into words what you have done for me. You are amazing and a gift to the universe.



Coaching with Trez has been such a blessing! She is such an intelligent, kind, soulful coach. Looking back at the time we started, I have seen such growth and changes in my life and mindset. Every week I look forward to our session because I know that for this time, I will be able to reflect on everything in my life in such an honest and vulnerable manner. Not only is the reflection worthwhile but the feedback and guidance from Trez is priceless.

Being able to create action steps and work towards my dreams with a supportive coach like Trez has been so beneficial for me.

I started working with Trez to better my finances and career. When we began, I wasn’t able to afford coaching and was going to take out a personal loan to start.

After the first month, I was able to pay for my coaching with no loans and now I have even started a savings account!

My intentions were to only focus on those two areas of my life, but as we all know we are complex beings and holistic approaches are always better.

I am glad that I opened up other areas of my life with Trez because it is helping everything come full circle.

She has helped me understand myself and others around me. I feel like I am blooming little by little and I am so excited for the future.


Thank you Trez! <3″


Jasmin Escutia

Business Manager, Victorious R.E.D., Orange County, CA

Trez, thanks to your Coaching and Teachings, I’m on track on meeting my goals this year and this month I’ll double my monthly goal. You’re definitely the real thing when it comes to Helping others achieve their goals. I highly recommend your training and coaching. THANK YOU!!

Adalberto Escutia

President/CEO Victorious Red Environmental Demolition

Fullerton, CA

I highly recommend working with Trez no matter where you are in life. Within 12 weeks of working with Trez, I received a hefty raise, paid of all my credit and am debt free, increased my sales and healed an important relationship, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! You learn tools to help you grow in all areas of life as well as create the life of your dreams and have fun all along the way.

A BIG thank you Trez!


Newport Beach CA.

I loved my 20 minutes with Trez! She was laser focused on my issues while at the same time being warm, cocooning and allowing me to open up completely.

In such a short time, we got to the root of my problem and could resolve it. I loved every minute of it. Thank you Trez!

I am still so impressed by these 20 minutes. Thank you!

Monika Wacker

CEO / Founder, Schoccolatta, Canada

Hi Trez, 

This is my testimonial to say how fabulous it’s been working with you for the last year. I met Trez at one of the Jack Canfield programs a number of years ago, instantly connected with her, and then, decided in the last year that I needed her as my coach and accountability partner. 

In that year she has put me out of my comfort zone but still enabled me to actually stay in the self care zone which I think is one of the biggest attributes she has as a coach so it’s about pushing you, but pushing you just enough so I left my corporate job in the last year and I started my own leadership and training consultancy I’m now developing some of my coaching products into online programs and that’s something that I’ve done through my coaching with Trez over the last year

Trez thank you so much from me and I’m continuing to promote you in Ireland so you’re now an International Coach and I wish you huge success with your business going forward. The work you do is just so brilliant and you’re a fabulous coach, you’re so intuitive, and like I said the biggest accolade I can give you is when you push someone just enough that they achieve results but they don’t feel in any way threatened or so scared of the big moves that they are going to make and all of those little steps gradually led me to make the big moves that I eventually did make in 2019


Thank you so much,

AnneMarie Graham

CEO / Founder Executive and Leadership Coaching, Dublin, Ireland

This program is more than worth the investment in yourself.

San Francisco, CA.

This program had everything I was looking for and more.

Phoenix, AZ

I now have more than one avenue of income doing work I really enjoy.

Lake Forest CA.

I met Trez at an event in October 2015 where I was instantly drawn to her positive energy. I was in desperate search for a change in life. When she told me what she does, my immediate thought was “I could sooo use this …but will it really make a difference? I’ve done a lot of personal development work and wasn’t sure this would offer anything new. And am I really in a position to spend more money? Yet there was something about Trez that made me feel I should just do it.

And now, 4 months later, I’m so glad I trusted my gut. I’m currently in the Manifest Your Dreams program and I can’t believe how quickly I am moving in the direction of my hopes and dreams. Her wisdom is astounding, and she holds me accountable in applying the teachings in all relevant areas of my life. Trez kicks my butt in the most supportive and caring way imaginable, and I am truly lucky to have her on my side rooting for my growth.

If you need a change in life, if you need your passion awakened, if you need a coach with the perfect balance of Strength, Widsdom, Intelligence and Care, she’s your answer. And especially if you need the tools to manifest your dreams, I highly recommend Trez’s services 🙂

Zo Charif

Costa Mesa CA.

I want to start out by saying that Trez, you are the real deal! My entire life has been transformed into a totally different purview from when I first met you. . .

You possess a mild, yet direct and calculated approach to getting right to the core of an individual’s issues. Coupled with your innate ability and the training you received thoroughly and permanently eradicated issues that I was not consciously aware of which were having detrimental and negative effects in my life. Even holding me back from accomplishing what I thought would be simple and easy. This showed me just how powerful the subconscious mind is and how much power and control it has over an individuals conscious mind.

Well, let it be known that you certainly have the knowledge and the know-how to pluck those issues, one-by-one, totally away and never to return having any of the previous power to sabotage personal abilities that could stunt one’s personal growth in life. Yah for Super Trez!!!

Saying thank you is surely not enough!

Many thanks and big love to you,

Dr. Brynda Johnson

CEO Egyptian Secrets, Mystical International Travel, Silver Spring, MD

This program is amazing and life changing. It has allowed me to look at my life and evaluate everything in it. Because of it, I now have a positive outlook on life, a better understanding of who I am and why I make certain decisions. I feel more in charge. I feel that there are no limitations and I know that anything is possible. One of my dreams was to travel more and I am amazed at how many vacations I have been taking, most of which have been all expense paid trips!!! Trez is very inspirational and brings so much positive light into my world.
Angela Rodriguez

Covina CA.

I have had the incredible pleasure of working with Trez Ibrahim for almost six months. We were introduced at a networking event, and I was blown away by the positivity, knowledge, and compassion that radiates from Trez.

I am so fortunate to call Trez a mentor. Over the last six months, Trez has helped me to grow my social media presence, community involvement and client retention with her commitment to consistency and noteworthy business knowledge. The time Trez spends with you is invaluable, she has the ability to answer every question, coach you towards your big, big goals and support you along the way.

With her help, I was also able to follow through on a dream to create virtual styling courses. I had a desire to provide my luxury services at a more affordable price, in hopes of helping more women feel comfortable and confident through style. I had the vision but was floundering in the execution. She helped me put together a plan from start to finish, through content creation, webinars, and marketing techniques. Thanks to Trez, I am planning to launch this e-course and membership site within the month!

Trez’s talents for matching her client’s needs and exceeding expectations is immeasurable. I could not recommend Trez more, not only is she an incredibly savvy businesswoman but she also has a genuine in her desire to see her clients succeed and thrive.

Trish Taylor

Personal Stylist, Orange County, CA

My whole outlook on life is different. I now live a life full of intentions, I wake up in the morning with intentions, I look for the good in all things and it has motivated me to continue to do that knowing that the Universe and Energy and the things that Trez teaches us are real, they are practical and if we practice them, that energy will flow through our lives and create miracles.

Long Beach CA.

Trez has a gift for seeing the heart of the matter and bringing out the most touching topic to dive deeper into. She’s a joy to work with and has brought a positive vision into all aspects of our work, yet is completely grounded in going to the shadow side, if need be. The complete package!

Dr. Sharon Cohen

Relationship & Love Consultant , Newport Beach, CA

I had an NLP session with Trez and I just wanted to say thank you Trez, you’ve been amazing. I’m just amazed at the change that was possible for me in the situation.

I feel much clearer, much happier and I just feel much more motivated and truly excited about life. I just can’t thank you enough,

Thank you Trez

Kat Hunter

CEO / Founder HOLT Practice Management Integration, San Antonio, Texas

I just had a one on one session with Trez and she focuses on one area of life, whatever area of life you want to work on. and for me it was a very special experience because I was able to share things that were holding me back. And I wasn’t aware of how they were holding me back. 

Trez helped me to discover what that was and now I see how it has changed. Not only has it changed my life, it also has changed the way I feel in that area of my life, and how I feel as a person. 

I’m much more happier, confident, energetic and excited about different things. 

I would recommend Trez to anybody that wants to and is ready to make any change in their life, and is willing to invest in themselves, both in time and the money that is required so that you can have those big, big break throughs in your life and make those changes. 

Iris Black

Marriage and Family Therapist, Anaheim, CA

This program has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

This is a wonderful step to creating the life you want to live.

Ann Arbor MI.

I manifested my dream home in the town I wanted to live.

El Segundo CA.

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