Remember Your Humanity


Hi this is Tracy Ibrahim from life mastery solution and I just got home from delivering a commencement speech at a college and I was surprised in myself that I brought up something that was pretty personal and what I challenged these graduates to do is to remember their humanity.

I was in business partnership years ago with a woman at the time she was a friend and as I saw the business crumbling around me because of decision she had made. I remember something that she said she said something that struck me she said Trez this is business it’s not personal and I thought you know I poured my blood sweat and tears into this business. I put everything I had I work day in and day out to build this this was absolutely personal and what I want to challenge you what I challenge the students today is don’t forget to be personal don’t ever lose your humanity.

I think in today’s day and age we forget that when we’re writing something or when we’re talking to somebody there’s somebody on the other end somebody with feelings a real person people with dreams people with families people who have experienced heartache and stress so don’t ever forget to be personal don’t ever lose your humanity look people in the eye ask people how they are and care about their response look up from your cell phone or premier electronic device treat people as if what you say matters because it does matter Maya Angelou said at the end of the day people will not remember what you did or said but they will always remember how you made them feel so moving forward let’s all remember a little bit of humanity let’s all remember a little bit of of kindness be kind be genuine be good-hearted as you work with people so. I just wanted to share that with you. I hope you’re having a beautiful day. I love you all please comment and share and I will see you soon bye-bye.

With Love and Blessings,


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