I’m Trez Ibrahim

Speaker, Trainer, Author and Life Mastery Strategist empowering men and women to Live A Life By Design transforming one or more areas of their life.

If you are ready to say YES to LIVING THE LIFE YOU LOVE, I invite you to join us for our signature 6-month program: Manifest Your Dreams.

Are you ready to eliminate self-sabotage, fear, and uncertainty from your life?


Do you know that you are more than the life you are living?


Do you feel frustrated working hard day in and day out and not feeling fulfilled?


Do you have a big dream but don’t know how to make it your reality?


Do you keep talking yourself out of your dream saying “one day” I will live a life I love. . . when the kids are grown, when I make more money when I retire…?


Would you love to make more money, travel to exotic places, have wonderful relationships, have time and money freedom, do work you love that fills you up and wake up each day full of joy, energy and vitality?


Are you ready to start actively pursuing The Dream That Will Give You The Joy And Confidence You Desire, Now?


You will be embarking on a 3 month journey that will support you in defining, designing, testing, and living into your dream. You will create the seed of your dream, and then prepare, cultivate, and weed the soil to give that seed the very best chance of growing into the life you have imagined. It is my honor and privilege to support you in this process. To your dream!!!

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About Me

Trez Ibrahim is a Speaker, Trainer, Author and Life Mastery Strategist empowering men and women to Live A Life By Design transforming one or more areas of their life. Whether your desire is to create more money, time, freedom, a fulfilling career, better relationships, health, a lifestyle you love, or all of the above, she can show you a simple, proven system of unlocking the power within you to create anything you desire in life.

Trez is both dedicated and highly invested in supporting you in creating an exponential leap in your results, at an accelerated rate, with extraordinary ease.


I highly recommend working with Trez no matter where you are in life. Within 12 weeks of working with Trez, I received a hefty raise, paid of all my credit and am debt free, increased my sales and healed an important relationship, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! You learn tools to help you grow in all areas of life as well as create the life of your dreams and have fun all along the way.

A BIG thank you Trez!

My whole outlook on life is different. I now live a life full of intentions, I wake up in the morning with intentions, I look for the good in all things and it has motivated me to continue to do that knowing that the Universe and Energy and the things that Trez teaches us are real, they are practical and if we practice them, that energy will flow through our lives and create miracles.

Trez has a gift for seeing the heart of the matter and bringing out the most touching topic to dive deeper into. She’s a joy to work with and has brought a positive vision into all aspects of our work, yet is completely grounded in going to the shadow side, if need be. The complete package!

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Manifest Your Dreams.

Manifesting Your Dream’s Underlying Principle: What Is Within You Is Greater Than Anything In Your Surroundings

When you are in harmony with your soul’s purpose, when you are in harmony with what you are here to be and do, things get easier. This is the most passionate, wondrous way to live life. We will discuss how to reveal to yourself what it is you really want to be, to do, to create or to give – without the limitations of time, education and money.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Manifesting Your Dreams Today!

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