I wanted to share with you today the four brain chemicals that are essential in reaching all of your goals and all of your dreams.

And how each step of the way is super important to give you that boost in what you wanna create in your life. Now we’ve all heard of the happy drug, seratonin. And one of the very first steps you want to take when you are creating your dream, when you’re creating your vision, is create a vision, is draw a picture of what the life you would love living, is write out what it would feel like, what it would taste like, what it would smell like, what your life would feel and look like.

And that vision makes you feel excited, that gets you happy. That releases the drug seratonin in your brain. And that gives you that positive energy that is required in order for you to move forward.

And when you start to take steps in the direction of your dreams and you know, you’re happy, you’re feeling good, you’re positive, there’s an enthusiasm, you’re feeling motivated, the motivation comes from that seratonin, then actually taking action is when the drug endorphin, the endorphins, sorry, can’t talk, the endorphins is released into your brain. And that is kinda like the runner’s high. That is when you’re taking action, when you’re moving forward, when you’re making things happen, when you’re starting to get all the pieces of the puzzle together, when you’re writing your book, or you’re sending out that program, or you’re building your business, all of that excitement, that energy, because you’re taking action, is the endorphins. And so, once you have the vision, it’s really important that you start taking steps, taking, you know, Tony Robbins calls it massive action.

There’s a reason you wanna take massive action. Because you’re capitalizing on the feel-good drugs, the seratonin, that makes you happy,that’s keeping you positive. And at that point, the endorphins is that energy that just gets you excited about moving forward. So you wanna take action. And so many people in this industry that is trying to motivate people and give people direction, and you know, tells people to create a plan, create a strategy. That can be part of your strategy is to put a strategy down, but so many people get bogged down in that.

So, yes, create a plan, create a strategy, but don’t take too much time on that. Just get it, you know, get it done. Doesn’t have to be perfect, because I can promise you, those five year plans are gonna be outdated in about six months. So get a plan down, figure out what you’re doing and start to move forward. And figure out what your markers are. What are your objectives? What are the, you know, if you’ve got this 20-step plan it’s like, what are the markers? And every time you hit a marker, any time you’ve accomplished one step in the process, you have to celebrate it. So many entrepreneurs lose momentum because there’s always more to do. And so they’re never quite celebrating their success. And so one of the things I do with my clients is I make sure they write down all of their accomplishments every single day. You need that because that gives you that hit of dopamine. Dopamine amplifies that feel-good. It gets you excited, it makes you feel accomplished. It makes you feel like what you’re doing is for something. You know, a lot of entrepreneurs feel like they’re working for nothing because they’re never quite there. It’s like there’s always more to do and that just life of an entrepreneur.

You may get 10 things done and you start to focus on the 10 things that are not done. And so what I want you to do, what I invite you to do is take the time to celebrate those 10 things that you accomplished today.

That every step that you moved in the direction of your dreams, you wanna celebrate that Cause that’s going to give you that hit of dopamine which is going to keep you moving forward. And so the accomplishments are absolutely important. And you know, we’ve all heard Simon Sinek, we’ve all heard a lot of other people talk about how we get, especially entrepreneurs who are so, who have these big dreams and aren’t quite feeling like they’re making headway, or making progress, get so addicted to things like their phone.

Because that like or that comment, or, you know, that gives us that hit of dopamine. And so you wanna be able to channel that expectation to come from actually accomplishing something that’s in service of your dream, that’s in service of your goal, that’s gonna move you in the direction of the things that you wanna create for your life. And so that’s, so seratonin is gonna be, is gonna come from your vision.

The endorphins is gonna come from taking action. The dopamine is gonna come from celebrating all of your accomplishments. And one of the bonus things that I think most entrepreneurs are lacking, because they’re working on their own, is the oxytocin. And that comes with celebrating your success with somebody else. And so one of the things, I mean, I feel like my job as a coach, is to celebrate the success of my clients.

As soon as we start our call, it’s like, Okay, what was one great thing from this week? And we get, we just get excited together about the accomplishments. The one big call, a client that my client received. Or the big check, or the love of their life that they met or whatever it is, we just get excited. And so for everything that you’ve accomplished, you wanna share that with somebody.

I always ask, How are you gonna celebrate this? Go to a special dinner with your husband. You know, even if it’s just a matter of toasting, you know, toasting your success with somebody.

Giving yourself a, you know, having somebody you know, go with you to, you know, I don’t know, a tea house, getting a massage together. It’s calling up your best friend and saying, You know what, I just got this great client, or I just finished this online program, I’m just so excited and I wanted to share that with you. And having someone that you can call that will get excited with you that will share that with you.

If you live with somebody, have an agreement that you are constantly, every single day celebrating your success. And that releases oxytocin. Is sharing that celebration with somebody,with somebody you love. So, again, if you really wanna maximize your results. If you really wanna turbo boost your ability to achieve anything that you desire, to perform at such a high level, that really, you know, there are no limitations for you, then you wanna optimize those four brain chemicals that will give you that juice to keep going.

And that’s the seratonin, that’s that feel-good, the happy, that’s what gets pumped into our system when we’re excited about something. And we’re excited about our dreams, about our vision. So it’s super important that you think, that you dream and you dream big, you know. Working to pay my bills doesn’t give me, get me excited. But traveling the world gets me excited. That’s all my vision. And so that’s gonna release seratonin. And then taking massive action. You know, starting to build my business or put plans in place and make the phone calls and check things off of my strategic plan, is going to, all that action is going to release endorphins. And celebrating the success, you got the dopamine.

And then sharing your celebration, celebrating your success with someone special who can be happy for you. I know we have a lot of people in our life that are not happy for our success. Don’t celebrate it with them.

Find someone who’s happy for you, celebrate your success with them and that releases oxytocin. And now you’ve got all this great ju-ju to keep you moving.

With Love and Blessings,



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