Discover Your Inner Sweet, Sexy, Bad*ss Queen

By Trez Ibrahim

Are you ready to unlock your inner power and become the Modern Woman you were always meant to be? In “The Modern Woman, Discover Your Inner Sweet, Sexy, Badass Queen,” you’ll learn how to tap into your unique strengths, harness your feminine energy, and cultivate a fulfilling life on your own terms. Through personal anecdotes and practical tips, this book will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, from embracing your sensual side to setting boundaries and achieving your goals. Whether you’re a career-driven boss babe, a busy mom juggling multiple responsibilities, or simply looking to live your best life, this book will inspire and empower you to unleash your true potential and become the ultimate Modern Woman. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to discover your inner queen and reign supreme!


“The Modern Woman brilliantly describes four feminine archetypes within every woman, and how to understand which ones are driving us and why… and how much power they have to wreak havoc on our self-esteem, health, and relationships – or transform them into the life we desire. I love the simplicity and clarity of this idea, and saw myself and all the women I know in it. This book is full of so much wisdom and practical advice. I loved it.”

— Carol Allen, Vedic Astrologer and relationship coach, author of Love is in the Stars – the Wise Woman’s Astrological Guide to Men.

About the Author

Trez Ibrahim is an Evolutionary Strategist, Spiritual Catalyst and Master Success Coach. Trained in Neuro-Change, Emotional Release, Energy Work, and Business and Organizational Development, she has been working with some of the most prominent business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and organizations in the world for over 30 years to help them reach massive levels of success.

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