It’s Sunday evening and I’m getting ready to plan out my week and I wanted to share with you my process for doing that. 

On Sundays, I always spend time planning out the rest of my week and there’s a few steps that I go through I would love to share with you and hopefully It will benefit you.

The first step I take is always set the intention who am I required to show up as. Who do I want to be. What qualities, what characteristics do I want to bring out in me.

What is my intention for the week for me as a person, for me as a woman, for me as a business owner, for me as a speaker, author, trainer and coach. I set the intention for who am I wanting to show up as. Who am I wanting to be and then I create my schedule from that place.

The next thing I look at are what are my goals. What are my big picture goals and how have I broken them down for this week. I do this in the beginning of the year and I do this every month and so for the week I look at my month-long goals.

I look at my goals, I break them down to this week. What is it that I’m required to complete? What is important for me this week to accomplish? Now that I have my goals and I have the big picture, I look at my projects. I have my project board which has everything that is important to me.

I have all the tasks involved and I’ve chunked them into groups. I look at that and I ask myself what it needs, what is required for me to complete this task this week. I’ve got my handy-dandy day planner here and I absolutely love this planner. It has a monthly visual and then it breaks it down into weeks and also days.

I’m still a paper and pen girl. I I know a lot of people are going to the automated system but I love to see it visually. I love to hold it in my hand. I love to write. There’s power in having ideas and all of your intentions and everything on written form, so I definitely still use this.

I look at my intentions, I look at my goals, I look at my projects and then I start to calendar in everything. Every meeting I have, every project, every client call, every coaching call, every writing block of time, I schedule everything.

I look at my schedule and I make sure that I schedule blocks of time including driving time. If I have a meeting or an event or I am going somewhere I always schedule driving time. So my calendar is very clearly laid out as to what I am doing every single day.

I also schedule free time, so everything that you are required to do you want to get your workout time, you want to schedule your family time, your creative time, your writing time, whatever it is, family relationships, all of that goes into blocks of time.

You start to own your day and you start to own your schedule and you start to be in control of what you spend your time doing and this allows you to create more freedom for yourself.

I know sometimes entrepreneurs or creative’s or people in the spiritual space are very resistant to scheduling things because they feel like they’re getting locked in or they feel like there’s no room for creativity but I promise you, as a recovering spiritual, let’s just do whatever I feel like in the moment, let me just be present to what I feel like, I realized I was not being productive because I was wasting a lot of time. And I was waiting for a surge of energy too. I was waiting for something to tell me what to do. And nothing was happening so it’s important that I schedule my days, my time.

What I found is I’ve created a lot more freedom for myself and I’ve created a lot more effortless flow in my life because things start to get completed.

I’m not carrying the baggage from the incompletes from the previous day.

I encourage you to take some time out today, set your intention for the week. What is it that is important to you. How are you required to show up as, who are you required to be? Who are you required to be for your business, for your clients, for the team that looks up to you, the team that’s looking for direction, from your family, your significant others.

Who are you required to be and then look at what are your goals. What is it that you want to accomplish this week what are the projects, what are the tasks, what are the things I need to get done. And start to schedule everything; that’s relationship time, that’s creative time, that’s taking care of your body, that’s giving yourself blocks of free time.

Schedule your free time, schedule your bedtime, schedule your learning time, schedule your meditation time. Put everything down in writing and and you’ll find that when you start to be in control of your day, you will start to feel a lot more free and you will start to feel a lot more productive!! Have a beautiful, productive week and let me know how this works for you.

With Love and Blessings,




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