Hi, this is Trez Ibrahim from Life Master Solution, welcome! And I want to share with you some ideas on how to live an inspired life. And number one, I’m going to ask you to stop working on yourself. Working on yourself doesn’t work. When people start working on themselves, you know, what happens is you start to focus on the negatives. You start to analyze all of the neuroses that are in your life. You know, some people who work on themselves who read all the self-help books, and I see so much of this online and in the media and in the self-help section, “Work on yourself, work on yourself,” is that we tend to focus on what’s wrong, and then we get really good at analyzing, identifying, pointing out our weaknesses, our neurotic ways of being, our behavior that’s not working; we start beating ourselves up. And the true way to change, the true way to make a difference, the true way to create life, long-lasting results, is to see the essence of who you are. See the essence of who you are inside. You are spirit, you are a bright, beautiful being, and when you come from that place, then change becomes easy. It’s not about what focusing on what’s not working but focusing on what is your higher self wanting to create in this moment? Who is your higher self required to be in this moment? What would your highest self, your best self, say in this moment? And when you get in touch with that, then you become so powerful. Things start to move effortlessly. Things start to open up, the doors start to open up, resources start to open up. You start to act in alignment with who you really are. You know, we’re human beings having a spiritual experience. That’s who we really are at our core, at our essence. And all of the behaviors, the actions that tend to bring us down, that tend to create negative results, the mistakes we make, the failures that we experience are all part of our learning, part of our growing. And, in essence, it’s always because we’ve forgotten who we really are. So I invite you today: Remember who you are. Remember who you are at your core, at your essence, and then come from that place. Ask yourself, “If I’m in this place, “if I am connected and aligned to my best self, “what would I say in this moment? “What would I do in this moment? “How would I behave, how would I respond? “What would I be thinking? “What action steps would I be taking?” And when you come from that place, you can never go wrong and you will realize how much of a different person you are. You will realize that you are now in alignment with who you really are inside. So, if you like this, please comment below, share with me what you, how you’re stepping into your higher self, and what inspires you. Please like, share, and subscribe. Let me know what you’d love to hear more of and we’ll see you soon, bye-bye.

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